xTV Delivers World’s First Mobile-First Digital Signage Using Intel® Compute Stick



  • xTV Cloud TV technology combined with Intel Compute Stick enables mobile first digital signage
  • Retailers can instantly monetize screens by plugging in xTV Now mobile first digital signage powered by the Intel® Compute Stick
  • Built-in WiFi enables content to be streamed over the cloud
  • Transforms existing HDMI-ready TVs and screens into digital signage avoiding costly rip-and-replace costs
  • The Intel Compute Stick can fit in the palm of your hand
  • Powered by Quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor

xTV Networks Ltd (“xTV” the “Company”) (ASX:XTV) xTV Networks Ltd, the leading provider of interactive digital signage content, has announced that they will develop a plug and play mobile first digital signage solution for the enterprise based on the Intel Compute Stick. The solution will enable companies to monetize their screens by giving viewers the capability to connect with their content using a mobile device which increases engagement with branding and commerce.


“xTV’s xTV Now interactive digital signage platform is a compelling new business model and bridges the gap between digital signage, mobile video, and e-commerce” said Joel Christensen, GM, Intel NUC and Compute Stick. “The xTV Now digital signage platform is a great use case for the Intel Compute Stick and we are excited to be involved in the continuing development of this product.”


“By working with Intel we can now offer enterprises the latest in hardware technology which is reliable, simple to use and ready to go right out of the box” said Joe Ward, xTV Networks Ltd CEO

“By utilizing the Intel Compute Stick in our interactive digital signage application, businesses will instantly be able to deploy fresh new content over the cloud in real time to all of their screens, ensuring messaging stays current, relevant and engaging.”


xTV Networks Ltd. and Intel have already begun the process of optimizing the Intel Compute Stick and the xTV Now digital signage platform to work seamlessly together, customers can expect to see the new devices in the upcoming weeks.


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Joe Ward



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About xTV

xTV - the Next Generation Media Network Company allowing businesses to set up dedicated

multi-channel online networks that integrate branded video and user-generated content

with other real-time feeds

xTV, UST-Global and Microsoft Alliance Agreement

Go to Market Campaign to drive xTV and Microsoft Azure Adoption

Redmond, WA, November 19 2014 – xTV, UST Global and Microsoft today announced the commencement of new Go To Market campaign to help accelerate the adoption of cloud-based TV for the enterprise.

xTV is pioneering online TV networks and with the Alliance Agreement under way, the adoption of online TV for the enterprise is dramatically accelerated.

UST Global, an information technology solutions and services company for Global 1000 enterprises and xTV will partner to bring online TV to Fortune 1000 companies across the US. This is a strong synergy of xTV’s technology and UST Global’s scale to further boost the adoption and expansion of online TV.

xTV offers a real time platform for companies and individuals looking to integrate their social needs, custom built on their own online TV network.  In one instantaneous feed, a personal or companywide .TV network will update tailored selections from Youtube, Twitter, news services, weather accounts and much more. Online TV is the next evolution of the ‘website’, and xTV is pioneering this evolution.

“The combination of xTV, UST-Global and Microsoft is the perfect combination of complimentary offerings” said Joe Ward, CEO of xTV. “We are looking forward to helping online TV become their number one online marketing resource, all powered by Microsoft Azure”

“The simplicity and speed of the xTV platform are key assets for our users,” said Dianne O’Brien, senior director of business development for Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft. “In a matter of minutes, Microsoft Azure customers can now build online TV networks that offer real-time TV experiences, helping maximize efficiency without impacting the quality or collaborative flexibility of the user experience. The result is rapid deployment of streaming media assets in one place for their employees, customers, partners and investors.”

“Enterprise Media is a tidal wave of new opportunity, evidenced by xTV’s strong customers and partners such as Microsoft, Intel & AOL” said Tony Velleca CIO of UST. “We’re looking forward to deploying xTV into many of our significant verticals and allowing xTV customers to tap into our 14,000 strong organizations to deploy any size online TV network.”


About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.


About UST Global

UST Global is a leading provider of end-to-end IT Services and Solutions for Global 1000 companies. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, UST Global has operations in USA, India, Mexico, Spain, UK, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. UST Global is a technology leader with profound domain expertise across the following industries: Healthcare & Insurance, Retail, Financial Services, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing & Automotive, Telecommunication and Media & Entertainment. By focusing on the business model of 'fewer CLIENTS, more ATTENTION', UST Global strives for excellence in providing their clients with the best service and commitment to long-term client success. With 14,000 employees, UST Global's growth and clientele have been impressive. Please visit www.ust-global.com for more information.


About xTV

xTV is the Next Generation Media Network which delivers the platform to build your enterprise online TV network.

Founded in 2011, the company’s vision is to deliver any organization with the capability to lower the cost of content production and multiply the consumption of their media by delivering a true, real-time, lean-back TV experience without the need to install new devices or applications.

Visit: xTV.net

Contact Joe Ward, CEO

joe.ward@xTV.net or +1 650 863 1450

Multiscreen Enterprise .TV ignites Microsoft SharePoint

March 7, 2014, at Microsoft SharePoint Conference, Las Vegas, NV

xTV, a Silicon Valley Based company pioneering the new Media as a Service (MaaS) sector, today,announced the deployment of the Windows Azure-hosted xTV platform for the .TV era – a substantial step forward in Realtime, multiscreen user interaction for Microsoft SharePoint customers.

Customers can use the xTV platform to organize and push combinations of video, social and news into a Realtime multi-screen formats where the viewers can lean back and interact with their new Enterprise .TV Network. The result is an entirely new media network, which can be tightly integrated with the SharePoint platform to multiply the consumption of streaming media to employees.

“We’re extremely excited to work with Microsoft to deliver our new realtime multiscreen .TV experience,” said Joe Ward, CEO at xTV. “SharePoint customers large and small now have the opportunity to turn their streaming media assets into a .TV experience, which multiplies the consumption of the content and engagement with the enterprise.”

“The simplicity and speed of the xTV platform are key assets for our users,” said Dianne O’Brien, senior director of business development for Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft. “In a matter of minutes, Windows Azure customers can now build .TV networks that offer real-time TV experiences, helping maximize efficiency without impacting the quality or collaborative flexibility of the user experience. The result is rapid deployment of streaming media assets in one place for their employees, customers, partners and investors.”

Launching in March, xTV is offering $60,000 in curation and customization services for any multi-channel network purchases from March 1 to April 30, 2014.

About xTV

xTV is the Next Generation Media Co. which delivers the platform to build your .TV Founded in 2011, the company’s vision is to deliver any organization with the capability to lower the cost of content production and multiply the consumption of their media by delivering a true, real-time, lean-back TV experience without the need to install new devices or applications.

Visit: xtv-inc.com

Contact Joe Ward, CEO

joe.ward@xtv-inc.com or +1 650 863 1450


Big Brands among first adopters of Twitter plus TV

October 15th, 2013., Redwood City, Calif.

xTV, a Silicon Valley based company pioneering the new .TV era, today announced the deployment of its Connected TV and Media Management platform, featuring some of the world’s best known brands.

The xTV platform enables organizations to build their own enterprise media network that organizes all of the enterprise video, social & breaking news into a Real-time TV experience where the viewers can lean back and watch content on a big screen or lean into their mobile device.

“We’re extremely proud to announce big brands such as Microsoft as our first major deployments onto the new platform” Said Joe Ward, CEO at xTV. “Iconic brands are now seeing exponential growth in their media assets, particularly on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

The xTV platform brings all these assets back together in one place where viewers can watch and engage with them in real-time.”

“One of the really cool things is all of these streams coming together—it’s your own TV channel” Said Matt Thompson, General Manager of Development at Microsoft in a CBS TV interview regarding xTV.

The platform and networks are live now and can be accessed through the xTV web site, xtv-inc.com

Twitter plus TV comes to the Enterprise

One of the most compelling capabilities of the new xTV platform, is the Real-time data experience. A network can define both video content and associated feeds that display on their network, just like the tickers and side screens on CNBC or CNN, except they are active and clickable. These feeds also make up a “second screen” experience whereby a viewer can both control the big screen from their smartphone, and display content relevant to what they are watching on the second screen. A twitter feed for example.

Organizations can also map Twitter #tags against the media network’s TV channels which can then be interacted with in Real-time using any smartphone.

“As Twitter and video are now exploding in the enterprise, our patent-pending Real-time Twitter plus TV experience will increase the level of engagement between a viewer and the brand network significantly” Said Mr Ward. “It’s a very compelling way for consumers, employees, investors, partners and others to engage with any brand.”

Archimedes Labs Announces Expansion Financing for xTV

In conjunction with this announcement, Archimedes Labs – the Palo Alto incubator founded by Kambiz Hooshamand and the TechCrunch co-founder Keith Teare - is leading a financing round to enable xTV to continue to develop networks and to enhance its offering.

“xTV has built a very impressive capability. I am not surprised to see these big brands wanting to embrace the concept. Much of the video produced has a short life in the context of a news led web site, but once placed into a branded network, the same content remains relevant and compelling for a far longer time. Add to this the “second screen” capabilities, and the promise of networks being deployed into the new generation of set top boxes, and xTV has a bright future, bringing video content and associated data feeds together with engaged viewers”, said Keith Teare.. “We’re really pleased to be on board with them and we’re sure we will be joined by other investors in this round of financing. It’s exciting to see the momentum the Company is building.”

About xTV

xTV is the Next Generation Media Co. which delivers the platform to combine video assets with your audience to create a compelling way to experience your brand.

Founded in 2011 by Australian entrepreneur, Joe Ward, the company’s vision is to deliver any organization with the capability to lower the cost of content deployment and increase the consumption of their media by delivering a true, real-time, big and small screen TV experience, all without the need to install new devices or applications.

Visit: xtv-inc.com

Contact Joe Ward, CEO

joe.ward@xtv-inc.com or +1 650 863 1450

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The world’s first website, from CERN, turned 20 years old last month. Since that site came out on April 30, 1993, 641 million new websites emerged from the web’s belly. In 2012 alone, 51 million sites launched, bringing the grand total to a whopping 50 billion web pages — that’s about seven pages for every person on the planet. This story is about the waning of big corporate and media sites — and how a prescient concept called Media as a Service (MaaS) stands to change everything all over again.

Corporate websites have long since passed their primes in terms of web traffic. They will likely never recover. Webtrends reported that the Top 100 US companies have already seen a 24 percent reduction in traffic. Coca-Cola witnessed a 40 percent decline in web traffic. Imagine what that will mean for businesses in three to five years. It’s a trend worth some serious examination.
The reason for dwindling corporate website traffic is the rise of real time social media. The answer is Media as a Service (MaaS), a concept first explained to me by a prescient former media exec, Joe Ward.
I agree with Joe that, these days, people aren’t interested in what corporate marketing and communications messages corporations are trying to brainwash them with. People are flying solo. Thinking for themselves. And they’re seeing their content through the hard core lens of real life — and in real time. Old fashioned sites won’t cut it.
Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Get Satisfaction inform consumer decisions because they allow people to interact and share their experiences. Your .com site is just another drowned dinosaur in this radical and rapidly changing landscape.
Making money from websites is also more difficult now than ever before. It takes, roughly, a million hits to make a thousand bucks. Here at aNewDomain.net, we know all too well how hard it is to fund quality journalism at these rates. You need dedicated teams — editors and writers dedicated to the dream of true journalism — and social power to drive hits. The old ad rev model is a tough one for your typical scrappy startup.
For eCommerce companies, the impact is equally massive. Amazon once reported that for every 100 milliseconds added to its page load time, sales went down by 1 percent. So for an eCommerce web site, a 24-40 percent reduction in traffic is a disaster. And that’s just this year alone. What if the situation gets worse?
Joe Ward — the CEO of xTV who collaborates with us here at aNewDomain — has disruptive  ideas about how companies ought to mitigate the damage and drive traffic.
As he described it to me, his vision is to help companies regain control of branding and messaging through a kind of media as a service platform. His is called xTV. It enables any company to create its own real time cloud TV network.
MaaS has great promise. xTV, for example, gives a company a way to combine its own social feeds along with related industry content. That would  include news and video, all of which is publishable in a range of TV designs on your own personal channel. And once it’s live, your channel continues to run and source content without manual intervention of any kind. It’s kind of like a news service — or a corporate news service, depending on you are — for the masses.
If you don’t have enough content to get started, a powerful MaaS services like the one Ward is offering with xTV will let publishers find videos in huge video marketplaces. Publishers just add continuously rolling and relevant content as the brand and target audience demand.
The effort as pitched by xTV is a model for the future, no question. Its service is cloud-based and hosted on xTVGUIDE.com. Individual channel owners — that means businesses, universities and non-profits — are able to create a real-time cloud TV channel. Or they’re able  to build a whole network of channels —  a lá the old-fashioned TV network metaphor that dominated media for so long.
Think about it. A giant company such as Microsoft or Apple doesn’t easily combine its enormous array of social, news, video and stock data into a single platform. But with an xTV-like MaaS service like one Ward has built, it’s possible to present and maintain an entire channel with its own TV guide. And it’s easy to distribute the content to the over a billion HTML5-enabled mobile devices out there today.
“This gets really exciting when you pair the smartphones with any HTML5-enabled device using a QR code,” Ward told me, answering my question before I asked it. “This boookmarks the screen — or adds it to the smartphone’s homescreen, whatever. Then the xTV remote control lets users control the target screen via cloud.”
And guess what? No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi required. It all takes place over an HTML5-native media network, rather than a device or app-specific one. So what’s he is talking about is, quite literally, a cloud-driven, remote control hand held device. Ward’s view and his innovation of xTV — its foretelling of media as a service — is a prescient one.
For all the struggling corporate sites out there, MaaS solutions like the one Joe Ward has built will have a huge impact. If they implement them correctly.
We covered Joe’s company a while back on the topic of quality journalism. It makes sense that xTV decided to start with media as a service — as opposed to becoming just another consumer media outlet. There are plenty of those and most of them are cut rate. But the network effect of cross-pollination between channels could allow them to grow exponentially.
If real time cloud TV is the answer, aNewDomain just might launch our own xTV channel. So long, big media.

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SAN FRANCISCO and REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- xTV, the leader in Interactive Cloud TV, has signed a substantial go-to-market content sharing and monetization agreement with CrowdOptic.

The landmark agreement now enables crowdsourcing of sports and major events content, such as videos, photos and social media, to be shown live on xTV to enable viewers to watch TV through the eyes of people on the ground; augmenting, and in many cases, eliminating, the need for traditional broadcast video.

"Seeing sports and major events through the eyes of the people physically attending is a simple yet radical concept which is great on a picture by picture basis," said Joe Ward, CEO of xTV. "However, seeing the hottest event pictures and video in an organized interactive viewing experience in realtime is a game-changing capability."

"CrowdOptic analyzes hundred of millions of mobile social media posts to identify, tag, and rebroadcast the most relevant videos, photos and social media content," said Jon Fisher, CEO of CrowdOptic. "Combining the capability with xTV's realtime feeds and media network will be incredibly valuable to their subscribers and channel partners."

Viewers of TV content are now less willing to have their viewing experience programmed for them on traditional media. Now they can program it themselves on xTV.

xTV has a network of over 500,000 videos with another 1,000+ being added each week from major media source such Reuters, Associated Press, Newsy and more. With CrowdOptic added to our media network, the exponential content capability through crowdsourcing dramatically accelerates xTV's capability in sports and major events.

About xTV

xTV Interactive Cloud TV is a media network which delivers the hottest of realtime video and data streams in a down to the second experience.

The xTV media network hosts some of the world's leading media companies to enable the creation of Realtime interactive Cloud TV channels so virtually any on person or organization with an audience can create a TV channel in the cloud leveraging existing media partnerships combined with realtime push updates of stocks, breaking news, Twitter, Facebook and feeds in true realtime.

About CrowdOptic

CrowdOptic is a new crowd-powered "heat" signal – the next evolution of location-based services that recognizes the hottest crowd activity in real time as it occurs, and also after the fact, through powerful analytics. By tracking where smartphone cameras are located and where they are pointed, CrowdOptic can instantly filter mobile social media and create new opportunities for eyewitness engagement. CrowdOptic identifies, tags and rebroadcasts the live event experience to the world, on mobile, social TV and second screens.

CrowdOptic is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in San Francisco.


SOURCE CrowdOptic; xTV